Legend Financial Services Logo Design

Logo creation for Clawson Honda’s auto leasing company, Legend Financial Services (LFS)


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  • Sept 2020

Project Info


Legend Financial Services is Clawson Honda of Fresno’s auto-leasing company. Being a new addition to Clawson’s service departments, they did not yet have a logo. They knew they would want to eventually expand into a leasing company. So, like any business seeking growth – they were in need of a strong logo. It needed to symbolize something legendary, reflecting on the name of the company. Their goal was to have a logo that balanced the dramatic characteristics of something legendary, and the clean/simple characteristics of modern and timeless logos.


The owner of Clawson was the commander of the 194th fighter squadron. Their mascot was the griffin, which made the perfect symbol to utilize for the logo concepts. Four logos were drafted in total, each taking into account elements that had legendary imagery. The team at Clawson selected their favorite, and they now have a logo with a personal connection to the team and a memorable, timeless symbol of who they are.

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