CCNCDA Logo and Flyer Design

Updating the logo design for Central California New Car Dealers Association and designing branded informational flyers

The Problem & Goal

Central California New Car Dealers Association (CCNCDA), formerly known as Fresno Clovis New Car Dealers Association (FCNCDA), were making some updates to their brand. Their logo did not reflect those changes and they found it to be outdated. They wanted a logo that would communicate both cars and the California Central Valley.


To get an initial idea of the overall style of logos the company liked and could see potential for with their own logo, we sent over a Discovery Packet with various logo ideas and key-word descriptions for the CCNCDA team to give feedback on.

We found that they were drawn towards logos the following qualities:
simple, symbolic, clean, modern, and bold.

About 100 logos were studied during the discovery phase. We looked at logos from both the agriculture and car industries, as well as industries outside of our scope. Logos combining two varying concepts and logos with a wide range of styles that fit CCNCDA’s brand were looked at as well.

Define and Design

Colors and fonts are two major pieces of any logo. CCNCDA did not have their brand colors or fonts- which gave us a lot of freedom in these areas. We believe that any logo should be viewable in a single color, so we designed all initial logos in a single color style. Once we nailed down the imagery and fonts- we then selected our final colors.

Whiteboarding, sketching, and finally putting the pieces together to create four logo concepts for CCNCDA’s team to view.

Final Design Solutions

The final design chosen represents a steering wheel and a crop with outer leaves surrounding. It contains qualities of minimalist, symmetry, and bold contrast. The font Heiti TC and deep lime green color pair well to give a crisp, simple, and friendly feel to compliment the logo’s imagery.

Flyer Designs

To accompany the new logo, the client wanted to share who the new CCNCDA is and explain why people should consider joining their association. To do this, we created two flyers, utilizing the characteristics found in their new logo and imagery that again combined automotive with agriculture.

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