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A custom web app for Merced Union High School District
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Universities and colleges have many course completion requirements which can be difficult to keep track of. MUHSD saw that their students did not have an easy way to check if the courses they were registering for were the courses they needed to meet those requirements. The Jet’s Course Catalog web app organizes the school district’s course offerings for students and parents. Phase 2 of the app will be a digital 3-step process allowing students and counselors to easily create a plan aligned with their post-grad goals.


  • Merced Union High School Disterict


  • Discovery meetings
  • UI / UX Design
  • Web App Development


  • Phase 1:
    2018 – 2019
  • Phase 2:
    2020 – Present


  • Vue.js
  • Firebase
  • PostgreSQL
  • Webpack


  • Organize courses
  • Quick access for students
  • Simplify registration process
Our Users

Counselors and students are the two key users of this application. However, it is likely parents will be involved with this process too, so it was important to include them as a user. 

Site Map

The first version of the app did not require a different interface for students and counselors. For the second version, two user experiences needed to be accounted for. The light blue areas of the sitemap are the focus of v2.

The App’s User Story

For the second phase of the app, we created 3 distinct steps in total that would be used to complete the registration process.

Style & Imagery



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UI Blocks

Final Designs

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